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A pleasure to have you stop by! I’m Sandja Brügmann.

As part international business strategist, part sustainability communications expert and part passionista, my aim is to help drive the new business paradigm, where people create passion-filled and purposeful lifestyles through their businesses and careers, and where both business and life success is measured in the 5Ps – passion, purpose, people, planet and profits.

My story starts in Bornholm, Denmark – in the small town of Rønne with only 15,000 inhabitants where I was born and raised an island girl. My whole life, I have always loved discovering new corners of the world and taking on new adventures, so post an around the world trip for six months, and living and working in Spain, I decided to make the move to Boulder, CO, USA. I graduated top of my class as a Dean’s Scholar with a BA in psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Sustainability, wellness, health and a more conscious holistic focus in business and life was, and still is, my passion. I held a marketing position at leading wellness company, Gaiam, a $110M publicly traded multi-channel mindful lifestyle company (NASDAQ: GAIA), until I at the ripe age of 26, began chasing my dream of starting my own business, and with that, I took what I had at my disposal – passion, vision, perseverance, drive, a strong set of values and a laptop – and launched my first business, Refresh Agency. Like most businesses, it was not an immediate, overnight success, but instead took many small steps and years of hard work. It all paid off in the end, however, and to this day, I still feel immense gratitude for the supportive, entrepreneurial and conscious-minded business community in Boulder, CO – the community that supported me in fulfilling the first pivotal steps to my dreams and vision.

One of my first clients was Crocs. I joined the team during the early start-up phase. Two years later – and an amazing rocket ride – Crocs grew to an industry giant, culminating in the largest IPO in the history of the footwear industry raising $208 million. (NASDAQ: CROX)

Today, I help leaders create big visions of sustainability and back it up with daily actions to create results.

In fact, leaders of successful global businesses, as well as start-up entrepreneurs, hire me and my team at Refresh Agency to help create and implement the strategic business and communications art of financially successful, triple bottom line – passion and purpose based businesses and brands.

I am a no box-thinker, a visionary and strong do’er – I dream big, and I need to see those dreams implemented in real life actionable results. While this created challenges when I was a younger person trying to find my way in the world and fit in, today, I embrace it to the fullest. I am thrilled to understand and know that my uniqueness offers a passionate and purposeful drive to help other ambitious and hungry-for-life people bring their business to life in a way that emits good into the world.

I currently split my time between the canals of Copenhagen, Denmark and the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, CO, USA. And with a diverse ability to inspire and speak directly to varied audiences, I support distinguished business executives, lecture in academic settings, mentor entrepreneurs, speak at various trade shows, business conferences and retreats, and lead shadow and conscious leadership transformational events, worldwide and with some of today’s largest and most prominent intentional brands.

My team and I care deeply about the people we work with and are committed to being of value to them by making learning irresistibly opening, caring, passionate, deep and transformational. Our teaching tools were developed to not only generate real results in business, but also in life. We learn from top leaders and influencers in the world, and integrate scientific studies, tested processes, and tools from the best of the best. That said, I can show you the way, but only you can do the work.

Through advisory, video blogging, articles, online workshops, audio programs, workshops and speaking events, you can learn practical wisdom from me and my team of passionate, caring and results-oriented go-getters. See a list of our services here.

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When all is said and done, I subscribe to imperfection; with that I mean, I try my best to accept others and myself for the innately human aspect of being imperfect. I tried so hard for a very long time to be perfect, but I eventually realized that the best part of life happens when we can allow ourselves (and others) to be imperfect – and with it we open up for the floodgates of passion, innovation, creativity, joy, happiness, peace and even love. I know I am not perfect, and I don’t want to be. I have made my fair share of mistakes, and I continue to do so. However, my commitment is to bring forth my very best as I live, learn and grow – always keeping it real, truthful, kind, and grounded.

So don’t expect perfection (I’m opposed to pedestals,) but do expect some aha! moments of, ‘If she can do this, so can I,’ or ‘Oh my gosh, she didn’t just…‘. If we meet, just as people on a mission with a dream, then I have a feeling we’ll enjoy a mutually beneficial connection.

Learn more about my companies The Passion Institute and Refresh Agency.

Professional Bio

Sandja Brügmann is an international expert in sustainable communication, marketing and conscious leadership, as well as founder and CEO of Refresh Agency and The Passion Institute.

Sandja’s vibrant and passionate commitment to inspiring positive, planetary change, and her vision of using business as a force of good by focusing on the 5P-win bottom line – passion, purpose, people, planet, profit – is visible throughout her work. She is a systems thinker and feeling, advocating for investing in individual and organizational consciousness. Always with a ‘finger on the pulse’, her keen eye for anticipating trends has made her a sought after international sustainability communications strategist, speaker and advisor to business executives and entrepreneurs around the world.

As CEO and founder of Refresh Agency, Sandja and her team serve businesses around the globe – including The Body Shop, Sustainable Brands, University of Colorado Boulder, Spier, ITO EN, Crocs, Sustainia, Florida International University Center for Leadership, Matcha LOVE, Nisolo, Clementine Art, GoodBelly, Addis Creson (Better Place, Kashi), Takeya, Chocolove and TEDxCopenhagen – with a vision to build impactful brands and future fit business strategies.

One of Sandja’s international success stories includes Crocs, Inc., based in Boulder, CO, USA. During Sandja’s tenure as Communications Manager, Crocs grew from an 8-person start up to an industry giant, culminating in the largest IPO in the history of the footwear industry raising $208 million.

Sandja has been featured in and writes for international business and consumer lifestyle publications such as Inc Magazine, CBS, Business Insider, Huffington Post, The Muse, Organic Spa Magazine, 5280 Magazine, Eco Salon, Boulder County Business Report, Bureau Biz, CSR Magasinet, Boulderopolis, NewHope360 IdeasXchange, Clementine Daily, Elephant Journal, Unreasonable, My Style London, Magasinet IN, Markedsføring, Northern Colorado Business Report and NEXT Accelerator, and has spoken at industry-leading conferences, including Natural Products Expo West (USA), Natural Products Expo East (USA), Social Media Week, Sustainable Brands and Markedsføringsdagen (Denmark).

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